The Council for the Prevention of Offenses

    In the college, in order to prevent delinquency among young people, there is a council for the prevention of delinquency, which regularly carries out systematic monitoring of students' compliance with law and order in college and in public places.
    The council considers issues such as - the study of the "risk group" registered in the State Unitary Enterprise and on intra-college accounting, the assignment of classroom teachers to "difficult teenagers". Organizing the work of the "Student Council" in the dormitory and working with newly arrived students. About the work of the sports section involving "difficult" teenagers in them (coverage of students). An open meeting of the Prevention Council with the invitation of employees of the State Unitary Enterprise, the prosecutor's office. Analysis of offenses committed by students in the current academic year. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Reports from the library on the adaptation of 1st-year students, a psychologist on adolescent suicidal behavior and conducting tests among 1st-year students to identify autodestructive behavior are also heard.