Saran Higher College of Humanities and Technology named after Abai Kunanbayev

Regional Student Festival of National Cultures "Youth sings the Song of Friendship"

The regional student festival of national cultures "The song of friendship is sung by youth" , dedicated to  Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was organized and held for the first time     Saransk Higher College of Humanities and Technology named after Abai Kunanbayeva in 2011 on the initiative of Natalia Borisovna Rudnevskaya, head of the foreign and school Russian department.
    We are contemporaries and creators of historical events taking place in our ancient land. The proclamation of State independence and the establishment of the Republic of Kazakhstan have become the most significant phenomena of our time, which will still be appreciated by future generations. Today, Kazakhstan is experiencing a period of national revival. Folk customs, rituals, national sports, folk crafts are all experiencing a period of revival today.
    The purpose of the festival is to enhance the culture of interethnic and interethnic relations among young people, introduce students to the traditions of national cultures of the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan, form patriotism, develop and support traditions in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The organizers and participants of the festival set themselves the task of
identifying talented young people with creative abilities

  • to arouse interest in culture, national traditions and customs of different countries;

  • develop creative and communication skills;

  • spreading the idea of spiritual unity, friendship of peoples, interethnic harmony;

  • moral, spiritual and patriotic education of students;

    The rich cultural heritage of the peoples living in the Republic of Kazakhstan, their traditions and customs, were vividly and in all their diversity represented by the students of the college of the region.
Kuis, songs, folk dances and poetic compositions sound from the stage of the Festival, delighting the participants and guests of the festival. The guests saw incendiary dances and were able to enjoy songs in different languages. Openness, friendliness, and performing skills always decorate the festival.
    And for 12 years now, the student youth has been delighting with their talent. Each festival is different from the previous one. Along with the regular participants, new performers appear. The level of performing skills varies, depending on many objective reasons and the possibilities of colleges. But the main thing is the activity of students, their desire to share their skills and learn from others.
    Friendship, understanding and harmony are necessary for peaceful life in Kazakhstan, where representatives of 125 nations and nationalities live. Each of the ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan is unique, and at the same time they represent one friendly people called Kazakhstanis.
    President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev addressed the youth at the inauguration ceremony and said: "I especially want to address the younger generation. You will have to play a crucial role in the development of Kazakhstan, become a driving force for progress. Our youth are hardworking, purposeful, and creative. Therefore, the future of Kazakhstan is in safe hands"