KVN Team «Өзіміз ғой»

KVN is one of the best schools of youth self–realization, creative leisure, development of creative initiative, collective creativity. Playing KVN teaches students moral qualities, develops speech, diction, and sharp thinking.
The goals of the KVN Club are:

  • education of the spiritual and moral qualities of young people;

  • fostering patriotism, citizenship, culture and a sense of humor through activities and performances at the KVN Games;

  • identification and development of individual creative abilities of students;

  • formation of a team capable of independent activity, actively participating in the cultural life of the college;

  • formation of moral, spiritual and cultural values and needs, development of aesthetic and artistic taste among students;

  • popularization of the KVN movement in college.


  • to develop the creative abilities of the Club members;

  • developing their stage skills;

  • formation of the ability to work with the audience;

  • creating a team of like-minded people united by creativity;

  • increasing the attractiveness of the college as an educational institution, improving its image;

  • informing about the goals and objectives of the Club, about the results of the work of the Club and its teams in the press, on social networks;

Head Of The Department: Almira Amangeldiovna Sarsenova

Children of the team:    

  • Merey The Follower

  • Bekzat Makulbayev

  • Bolatov

  • Wish Rakhim

  • Sembiev Daryn

Work schedule