Saran Higher College of Humanities and Technology named after Abai Kunanbayev

Pre-school education

Competence is a new quality that determines the structural nature of the quality of knowledge, skills acquired as a result of learning, the ability to apply them in practice, solve problems, and the quality of student training.

The winner of the 1st place in the regional championship "WorldSkills-2018" is a student of the BM-9A-15 group of the Saransk Humanitarian and Technical College Asylbekova Ulbolsyn.
Head: Karanova A.M.

The regional championship "WorldSkills-Karaganda 2020" on the competence of "teaching junior classes" student of the BM-9-16 group 
Temirkhanova Darina 3rd place.
Head: Kopisheva A.D.

In order to exchange experience within the framework of international cooperation, college teachers and a teacher of the department of Pensionollina U. K. visited Chelyabinsk.

According to the competence "teaching junior classes" of the WorldSkills National championship 

  1. Chief expert: Pensionollina S. K.  

  2. Site manager: Shapovalova N. P.

  3. Technical expert: Galeeva G. R.

  4. Expert compatriot: Karanova A.M.

G. NurSultan.

The republican championship "Worldskills Kazakhstan-2021" on the competence "teaching junior classes" at the Kokshetau Higher Kazakh Pedagogical College named after J. Musin has started in the city of Kokshetau, Akmola region.Young talents from 15 regions evaluated their gardens according to 4 modules, 15 experts according to more than 200 criteria, more than 25 observant representatives evaluated the fair passage of the competition.
    Republican championships "WorldSkills Kazakhstan-2021" on the protection of "activities" in Kokshetau Higher Kazakh Pedagogical College named after J. Musin.

  1. Chief expert: Pensionollina S. K.

  2. Site manager: Shapovalova N. P.

  3. Technical expert: Totaeva A. T.

  4. Expert compatriot: Kopisheva A. D.

"WorldSkills Karaganda 2022" championshipsyn "Kishi synyptardy okytu" kuzyrettiligi boyynsha

  • Bas sarapshy: Zeynetollina U.K.

  • Alan manager: Abildina B.K.

  • Technikalyk expert: Totaeva A.A.

  • Sarapshy kompatriot: Gorodetskaya O.S.

The winner of the 2nd place in the WorldSkills Karaganda 2022 regional championship, a student of the SHR-9-18 group of the Saransk Higher Humanitarian and Technical College Malysheva K. E.
Head: Gorodetskaya O. S.

On the competence of the championship" WorldSkills Karaganda 2023 "" training of junior classes

  1. Chief expert: pensioner U. K. 

  2. Site manager: Abildina B. K

  3. Technical expert: Totaeva A. A

  4. Expert compatriot: Mazhenova S. S.

Winner of the 1st place of the regional championship" WorldSkills Karaganda 2023 " Sharip Damira, a student of the BM-9-20 group of the Sarani higher humanitarian and Technical College
Head: S. S. Mazhenova