Saran Higher College of Humanities and Technology named after Abai Kunanbayev




    I am sincerely glad to have the opportunity to communicate with you through the director's blog! This is a good opportunity to discuss and get answers to all your questions regarding the activities of the college. This is a platform for communication, exchange of opinions, which will allow us to establish close relations between us. Everyone has the opportunity to leave their comments, ask questions, and make suggestions.
    I hope that the blog will become a useful resource and an effective tool in collaboration.
    On the official website of the Saransk Higher Humanitarian and Technical College named after Abai Kunanbayev, you can get all the necessary information about one of the leading colleges in the Karaganda region.

    The mission of the college is to train qualified workers, service and management specialists in the field of economics, education and information technology, which are in demand in the labor market.
    In order to achieve the target indicators set out in the state programs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the college sets itself serious tasks of improving the effectiveness of personnel training, improving the existing system and introducing an innovative model of training specialists who meet the requirements of the innovative economy of the country.
    In this regard, the strategic goal has been defined to become by 2025 the leading educational organization for the training of highly qualified personnel corresponding to the current and future needs of the labor market, in the context of the introduction of high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries that ensure the economic growth of the national economy.
    Clearly, choosing a profession is an important and defining step in every person's life. A successful career begins with acquired knowledge, skills, and competencies. The future of the younger generation depends on the right choice of specialty and educational institution!
    High–quality education, the successful application of innovative techniques, a friendly atmosphere, an exciting student life, one of the best student assets - all this is concentrated in our educational institution. A special world has been created here, based on knowledge, creativity and competence!
    The prestige of our educational institution, the achievements that the college is proud of today are the result not only of the highly qualified teaching staff, but also of a creative and innovative approach in making managerial decisions!
    I hope that getting to know the college will be not only useful for you, but also interesting and you will find on the website exactly the information about college life that you need.
Sincerely, Temirbulatova Alma Askhatovna!

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