Kaleidoscope of events


educational and mass work of the college library
on the implementation of the Reading College project

    Regional scientific and practical conference of college librarians of Karaganda region on the topic "Mass work in the college library: relevance, problems, prospects" Within the framework of the V regional scientific and practical conference: "Problems and prospects of modeling the result-oriented educational space" was held on the basis of the Saran Higher College of Humanities and Technology named afterAbaya Kunanbayeva

    "The history of the city in faces" event dedicated to the anniversary of the city of Saran

    Regional Fair of socio-pedagogical innovations in the field of education

    Regional competition "The best college librarian" among college librarians of Karaganda region 1st place

    Participation in the Republican seminar of college librarians on the topic: “The Digital Age: opportunities and problems in the work of the college library” Turkestan

    Regional video contest “The best book exhibition” among college librarians of Karaganda region 1st place

    Student scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 175th anniversary of Abai Kunanbayev "Abai's legacy-edification of the generation" 1st place

    Literary living room on the theme "YbrayAltynsarin – the first national teacher of the steppe" dedicated to the 180th anniversary of Ybrayaltynsarin

    Literary hour "Mukhtar Auezov - the master of the artistic word" dedicated to 125th anniversary of Mukhtar Auezov

    Literary hour "bright star of the epoch" dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Akhmet Baitursunov

    Library hour "Kazakh usin jean Bergen Alash kairatkerleri" dedicated to the party "Alash"

    "Within the framework of the project" "Reading College"", a BiblioTech was held on the theme ""yerlik and mahabbat zharshysy ""propaganda production of Adilkhana Nurshaikova in development" national literature, native language, history and spiritual and patriotic education of young people through the production of Truth and anyz", "love is interesting for many years"